Peggy Krause, Six-Time National Award-Winning Author   - Writer of The Kitty Tales Trilogy, a four book Trilogy
"In the The Big Silly Baloney-Lover,  you will meet Princess, Beau, Mopey, Shmoopy, Bopey, Finnegan, Little Petunia and many more, and will enjoy all the adventures that they share.  Learn about how friendship, love, and kindness to one another will win over bullying.

I enjoyed “The Big Silly Baloney-Lover” by Peggy Krause very much.  This tale has a great message, how we need to take care of our pets and help them when in danger.  I love how once I started reading this book I had to finish it.  This is a great book that will teach you how love and teamwork can win many battles."
                       Paola Belloso (age 8) for Reader Views (3/16)
                       Reader Views - Reviews of Children’s Books by


The Big Silly Baloney-Lover  is a lovely story, which is beautifully illustrated and contains very important messages of friendship, support, and acceptance of others.  It also has a very happy ending.
                         Susan Keefe -Your Pets Magazine
"From start to finish, the delightful Finding My Molly  is a jewel of a book!"
                       Christy Crabtree - Animal World USA
"Finding My Molly  is the best chapter book I’ve ever read!"
             Rachael D. – Third-Grader – Streamwood, IL 
Review of Wild Beau and Her Kittens  by Amy Lignor of Feathered Quill Book Reviews
“The saving, as well as the humane treatment of animals, is beautifully represented by this author.  Not only is this an amazing story for children that is fun and lighthearted, but the kindness and messages that flow throughout truly have parents and children loving this series.  A lovely book.  Not to mention, the illustrations are so well-done, colorful, and humorous that they add an extra something to this book that not many young reader’s books have anymore.  Kind, heartwarming, and offering a message of hope and humanity for the forgotten animals out there in our world.” 
Review of Wild Beau and Her Kittens  by Alison Griffiths of Allbooks Review International
“Peggy Krause, gifted author of Finding My Molly and The Scruffy Little Crumb Grabbers eloquently releases her third book in The Kitty Tales Trilogy: Wild Beau and her Kittens.  In this delightful new tale for young readers, children and their parents will enjoy fresh, spunky, and relatable characters that further heighten the whirlwind of creativity and fun begun in Peggy Krause’ last two stories.  A cute, entertaining, and heart-warming lesson about adventure, friendship, and compassion, pet owners and pet lovers alike will hungrily devour the original world of Wild Beau and Her Kittens.  A well-written tool for teaching children about animal care, the insightful voice of this Indie Book Awards Finalist is a must-have for any child’s bookshelf!”  
Author Peggy Krause has done presentations to the children attending my annual Critter Camp sessions for three years in a row now.  Ms. Krause engages the children in lively question and answer sessions about ways we can advocate for animals in abusive and neglectful situations.  The author enables the children to see the situations from the animals’ perspective.  Afterwards, Peggy does a reading from one of her books, which the children truly enjoy. They don’t want her to stop reading. I highly recommend this author to any school, library, animal shelter, etc. to enlighten and delight its children.”  
   Christin Meyer, Director of Humane Education -                                                        Anderson Animal Shelter
Review of Wild Beau and Her Kittens  by Reader Views – Reviews of Children’s Book by Children
Madeline M. (age 10):  “Wild Beau and Her Kittens  is another great book by Peggy Krause!  I love all her books; this one is my favorite!  It is an exciting story and a funny story.   
Sophia M. (age 8):  “Another amazing story by Peggy Krause!  Wild Beau and Her Kittens is the best so far by Peggy Krause!  This book is a real adventure for kids.”   
Review of Wild Beau and Her Kittens  by L. Alonzo of The US Review of Books
"Krause's third Kitty Tales entry, Wild Beau and Her Kittens, is aimed at the 7 to 11 age group and shows a considerable understanding of its intended audience.  The author does a fine job drawing distinct personalities for all her feline characters which through their charms and kindnesses propel the story forward.  There are several clear messages woven throughout the tale but they are subtle and consistent, allowing young readers to draw upon their own experiences to develop an understanding and compassion toward all animals and on a broader scale, one another.” 
Review of Wild Beau and Her Kittens  by "Critters" on Amazon
“Good story and cute illustrations.  The story is good and has good critter rescue/humane themes; the illustrations are colorful and are very nicely done. What's not to like?!!  VERY highly recommended!”
Review of Wild Beau and Her Kittens  by Marten Weldon (age 8) for Reader Views – Reviews of Children’s Books by Children
Wild Beau and Her Kittens  by Peggy Krause is a very good book.  When a group of cat friends ventured into the forest to help Soupy find his long-lost adopted son, a raccoon named Ferdinand, they found a very hungry mamma cat named Beau and her two kittens.  This book is about how the cats befriend and help Beau.  It is also about Soupy’s search for Ferdinand.  Will he ever find Ferdinand?  Will Beau and her kittens survive?
The ending of the book is pretty funny.  There was one cat that was kind of mean to Beau at the beginning of the book, but she gets a second chance in a surprising and nice way.
 The pictures were very cute and funny.  I looked at them for a long time.  The cat on the cover of the book, Beau, who looks like she is winking really isn’t.  You will have to read the book to find out why she looks that way.
I would recommend Wild Beau and Her Kittens  by Peggy Krause to people who like adventures and cats.  This was the third book in the series, and I was able to understand everything.  Now I am dying to read the first two books.”
Review of The Scruffy Little Crumb-Grabbers  by Midwest Book Review
“The Scruffy Little Crumb-Grabbers  is about a resourceful cat named Spider Man who endures bad-mannered and rough treatment from two children named Ruby (age 4) and Frankie (age 3).  Spider Man refers to the terrible twosome as the "grand-kittens," because they are the grandchildren of his owner, Marcy.  The book is creative and compassionate because it teaches children by humorous examples how not to behave with animals and each other.  The exciting ending event allows Spider Man to justify his heroic name.  The Scruffy Little Crumb-Grabbers  is a perfect teaching tool for children learning to be humane and considerate in their interactions with animals and each other.  Being written from the cat's point of view is a unique vantage that will appeal to children's imaginations.”
Review of The Scruffy Little Crumb-Grabbers  by by Sophia (age 7) of Readers Views – Reviews of Children’s Books by Children
“This is the second book I have read by Peggy Krause.  I enjoyed this book even more than the first book!  It was funny and entertaining.  I laughed in almost every chapter!  I think this book is pretty easy to read and I think that kids my age would like it.  I like the cute pictures of Spider Man.  I really liked the chapter about the flying pancake.  Ruby threw a pancake at Frankie and it hit him in the eye.  They were always doing silly stuff like that in the story.”
Review of The Scruffy Little Crumb-Grabbers  by Deb Fowler of Quill Reviews
“This is a fun little tale about two rascally little children and a passel of cats who just might have your rascally little crumb-grabbers rolling on the floor with laughter!  The Scruffy Little-Crumb-Grabbers’  story line is fun and exciting, especially when Spider Man has to do some fast thinking to save the children.  The plot centers around two overly rambunctious children, Ruby and Frankie, while Spider Man and a passel of porch cats discuss their poor behavior, behavior that goes unpunished.  The Scruffy Little Crumb-Grabbers  would actually be an excellent learning tool in the homeschool setting to discuss proper etiquette and behavior.”
 The Scruffy Little Crumb-Grabbers  received a 5-Star Review by Delcina Telford on
“Humorous!  Lots of messages and lessons in this wonderful tale with a funny title.  The book is packed full of the author's sense of humour, and her love for kids and animals really comes through.  Definitely worth a read.”
Review of The Scruffy Little Crumb-Grabbers  by Otis K., a fourth-grader
“I just finished reading The Scruffy LittleCrumb-Grabbers and I loved it so much!  My favorite character was Puff Puff.  I would love [Peggy] to come to my school!  I go to *** Elementary in *** and I’m in the 4th grade.”
Awarded 5 stars by By Muriel Koval on - “Good messages”
“Lots of good messages about being kind to animals, which I think is very important to teach little children.  The author has written a very enjoyable story that I recommend.” 
Review of Finding My Molly  by Sophia (age 7) for Reader Views – Reviews of Children’s Books by Children 
“I don’t like this book.  I love  it!”         
Review of Finding My Molly  by Christy Crabtree of Animal World USA
“From start to finish, the delightful Finding My Molly  is a jewel of a book.  Filled with a raucous band of characters including Ferdinand, the farting raccoon (not the entire book - just in a moment where his little tummy doesn't feel well), cats named Spider Man, and Puff Puff, Krause has created a heart-warming children's story about a cat, Soupy, who becomes lost when the door is left open. Soupy, who is caught between wanting to find his way back to his loving home and helping an orphaned raccoon, finds himself caught up in some really wild and funny adventures.  An enchanting children's book!” 
Review of Finding My Molly  by Emily Hinton of The US Review of Books
“What is the worst that could possibly happen when your housecat steps outside for the very first time?  As Peggy Krause tells us in Finding My Molly, there are plenty of mishaps waiting.  This story follows Soupy, a bright but sheltered tabby that ventures outside one day only to be chased by dogs, get lost in the forest, and find himself as the foster father of a baby raccoon.  But none of these roadblocks can keep him from searching for "his Molly," the little girl who owns him, and is "the most beautimous human-kitten in the world." Finding My Molly  is great for young readers who are making the transition between being read to and reading for themselves.  The story is broken into short, easily tackled chapters, and Krause uses a perfect blend of familiar and new words to add a little challenge for slightly older readers.  The book uses the animal stars to teach little safety lessons, but the cat perspective, the drama, turns of fortune, and heartfelt concerns of this special feline are irresistible, and the message of conscientious involvement in immediate social issues is appropriate for the upcoming generation.  Finding My Molly  is even on the National Humane Education Society's recommended reading list.  All this mixed with a lighthearted story and a sweet, witty style, makes it a hit.”
Review of Finding My Molly  by Susan Keefe of Your Pets Magazine
“Soupy is a house cat, but that doesn't stop him from having lots of cat friends who visit him each day.  He loves his human-kitten, Molly, but one day the door is left open and he cannot resist a peek.... After a terrifying experience he finds himself lost, hungry, and alone in a forest.  Eventually he finds a friend and then unexpectedly becomes a dad to a strange looking kitten.  Molly, his human-kitten, and his cat friends are searching frantically for him but with the responsibility of caring for the strange kitten, Soupy has to abandon his desire to return home because his kitten needs him more.  Peggy has in this lovely story gently explained the concept of taking responsibility and caring for others.  After reading it, it is easy to see why it is on the National Humane Education Society's recommended reading list.” 
Midwest Book Review of Finding My Molly 
"Finding My Molly  is a compassionate story about a cat named Soupy who gets lost and manages to survive in a forest preserve while looking for his owner, Molly.  During his forest time, he finds an orphaned raccoon that he adopts as a foster son, mistaking him for a kitten.  Finding My Molly  is charming and whimsical, written from the cat's point of view, using kid-friendly language that will appeal to 8-12 year-olds.  Finding My Molly is also recommended reading by the National Humane Education Society.  Author/illustrator Peggy Krause clearly understands the ways of cats and children, and this knowledge is brought fully to life in the text and whimsical illustrations of Finding My Molly." 
ForeWord Clarion Review of Finding My Molly
"[An] endearing story...Krause appeals to children by using their own language and humor.  Finding My Molly  is a charming novel for elementary-aged boys and girls alike.  They will take delight in the world seen through cats' eyes."
5.0 out of 5 stars - “Enduring friendship” - August 20, 2013
Review by AN Ailurophile of Finding My Molly  (The Kitty Tales Trilogy) (Kindle Edition) Posted on Amazon
“Without giving away too much, this story is about the enduring friendship between a little girl and her cat and the importance of not giving up hope. Soupy the cat has a nice home, good friends and a mistress whom he dearly loves. He goes out exploring one day and learns all about the dangers in the big wide world. Being a friendly cat, he makes friends easily and even takes responsibility for a youngster who relies on him for guidance and survival. I won't spoil the rest of the story and I recommend you find out for yourself how things pan out for Soupy and his Molly.”
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