Peggy Krause, Six-Time National Award-Winning Author   - Writer of The Kitty Tales Trilogy, a four book Trilogy
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Please provide the information below if you:
1.   Are a member of a charitable organization and
      would like to sell my books on a consignment  
      basis and keep all profits for your charity.
2.   Would like to order a book ($5.00 per book plus
      shipping).  Ms. Krause will personally inscribe
      the books any way you like.
      Kindle versions are $.99 each. 
3.   Just want to chat with Peggy.
4.   Are a teacher and would like free Educator's
      Guides to the books for your class.
5.   Would like to set up a presentation at your
      Chicagoland elementary school, library, or
      bookstore.  First the author reads to the
      children from one of her books.  Then she
      holds a lively, light-hearted question
      and answer session with the children about all
      the ways people can advocate for animals that
      are in abusive or neglectful situations.  She
      also talks to the children about the writing
      process and provides helpful tips on how to
      write well. 
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