Peggy Krause, Six-Time National Award-Winning Author   - Writer of The Kitty Tales Trilogy, a four book Trilogy
Finding My Molly
Finding My Molly

Finding My Molly is recommended by the National Humane Education Society!


“From start to finish, the delightful Finding My Molly is a jewel of a book!”
Christy Crabtree – Animal World USA

“I don’t like this book. I love it!”
Sophia McElroy (age 7) – Reader Views – Reviews of Children’s Books by Children

[T]he cat perspective, the drama, turns of fortune, and heartfelt concerns of this special feline are irresistible. All this mixed with a lighthearted story and a sweet, witty style, makes it a hit.
The US Review of Books


Soupy, the cat, is not allowed to go outside. One day, though, the front door is accidentally left open and Soupy cannot resist seeing what it’s like outside. No sooner does he decide that being outside is wonderful, when he is chased by a monstrous cat-eating beast. Soupy runs so far trying to escape the monster that he gets lost and must live in a hollow log in the forest. He must form a plan to find his way back home to little Molly, his beloved human-kitten. The next day, though, Soupy finds a tiny, helpless, orphaned raccoon in the forest, too. Soupy is now torn; raise the baby or find his way home? He can’t do both at the same time. He knows his Molly would never abandon a helpless baby, so neither will he.
The Scruffy Little Crumb-Grabbers

Winner of the 2011 National Indie Excellence Finalist Award!


Reader Views – Reviews of Children’s Books by Children
Madeline McElroy (age 9): “This is another great book from Peggy Krause. This book is very cute, funny, and crazy. I would love you all to enjoy this delightful book as well as “Finding My Molly” [also by Peggy Krause].”

Sophia McElroy (age 7) of Reader Views: “I enjoyed this book even more than [Finding My Molly]! [It] was funny and entertaining. I laughed in almost every chapter! We both really liked “The Scruffy Little Crumb-Grabbers.”


Spider Man, the cat, … Yes, that’s right, he is a cat named “Spider Man,” … lives with his owner, Marcy. Spider Man acquired his name from Marcy’s two little grandchildren, Ruby and Frankie, because their most favorite super hero in the whole world is Spider Man©. Marcy spoils Spider Man with the nicest cat toys and treats she can find, so he has a very happy life … until one day when Ruby and Frankie have to move in with Marcy. Whenever the children see Spider Man, they squeal at the top of their lungs and instantly chase him to squeeze the life out of him. Their “loving” hugs cause Spider Man’s eyes to bulge out of his head, so he is forced to spend much of his days running from the children. One day, Ruby and Frankie’s mischievous ways get them into a dangerous situation, and they desperately need Spider Man’s help. He is the only one there who can save them. Will Spider Man rise above his dislike for the children and come to their rescue?
The Scruffy Little Crumb-Grabbers
Wild Beau and Her Kittens
Wild Beau and Her Kittens

Awards Won:

1. 2016 - Winner of the prestigious Eric Hoffer Finalist Award!!

2. 2012 - Winner of the National Indie Excellence Finalist Award!!

3. 2013 Winner of the National Reader Views Choice Award!

4. 2013 - Winner of the National Beverly Hills Book Award!

Reader Views – Reviews by Kids for Kids

Reviewed by Madeline McElroy (age 10.5): “Wild Beau and Her Kittens” is another great book by Peggy Krause! I love all her books; this one is my favorite! It is an exciting story and a funny story.

Sophia McElroy (age 8): Another amazing story by Peggy Krause! “Wild Beau and Her Kittens” is the best so far by Peggy Krause! This book is a real adventure for kids.

The US Review of Books – February 2012

Krause's third Kitty Tales entry, Wild Beau and Her Kittens, is aimed at the 7 to 11 age group and shows a considerable understanding of its intended audience. The author does a fine job drawing distinct personalities for all her feline characters which through their charms and kindnesses propel the story forward. There are several clear messages woven throughout the tale but they are subtle and consistent, allowing young readers to draw upon their own experiences to develop an understanding and compassion toward all animals and on a broader scale, one another.
The US Review of Books – L. Alonso

The saving, as well as the humane treatment of animals, is beautifully represented by this author. Not only is this an amazing story for children that is fun and lighthearted, but the kindness and messages that flow throughout truly have parents and children loving this series. A lovely book. Not to mention, the illustrations are so well-done, colorful, and humorous that they add an extra something to this book that not many young reader’s books have anymore. Kind, heartwarming, and offering a message of hope and humanity for the forgotten animals out there in our world.

Synopsis: “Wild Beau and Her Kittens” – About a scruffy, hungry momma cat living in the forest preserve trying to take care of her two tiny kittens – Beau’s challenges while living in the wild and the gang’s (Spider Man, Lila, Lola, Puff Puff, and Soupy’s) struggles to help Beau and her litter every way they can.

Wild Beau and Her Kittens is illustrated by the gifted artist, Christian J. Pogorzelski.
The Big Silly Baloney-Lover

Winner of the 2015 Beverly Hills International Book Finalist Award!!

Krause's fourth book addresses the heinous dog-fighting rings that exist in the world today. The author, as usual, writes a funny, light-hearted story for the children, while educating them about dog-fighting and what can be done to help end this heinous practice.

It is a heart-warming story about a boy and his sweet pit bull after he has been dog-napped and entered into a dog fight.

Little Clyde, the pit bull's owner, a 7-year-old boy, also owns an obese cat named The Pleasingly Plump Clementine Clump, and a pet rat named Finnigan.

The book has the regular Trilogy's cat characters in it, Soupy, Spider Man, Lila, Lola, and human characters, Molly and Marcy, but new characters, too.

Princess, the snobby, bully cat is again in the fourth book, along with her new friend, Poopsie, the possum, and her seven little possum babies. One of Poopsie's babies, Petunia, runs away from home one day and gets herself into a life-threating situation.

Can the cats save baby Petunia? Will Bunny, the huge pit bull, survive his dog-fight?

This book is sure to provide humor, poignant situations, and a fast pace, just like the first three books.

The fourth book in the Trilogy will also be illustrated by the gifted artist, Christian J. Pogorzelski.
The Big Silly Baloney-Lover
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